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French Linen Collection
Our flagship line is our very own French Linen Collection, made in the USA. We love contributing to the United States economy and supporting skilled craftspeople! Each piece is available finished as a tapestry or finished Gallery-Style (stretched over a frame) for a fresh easy look. For an additional charge, a Gallery-Style piece can be edged with nailheads. Tapestries Ltd rolls out fresh relaxed designs, then manufactures every piece in this collection. Many are inspired by Parisian flea market finds, others tell natural stories. We are passionate about linen, stories, and simple French living. The French Linen Collection is all about fresh & classic living. Each piece comes with a story.

Do your walls talk? Well, they can! The Aubusson tapestries are woven by hand using 100% wool yarns. These hand-crafted pieces boast a variety of colorations, from vibrant splashes to subtle nuances. Each of the our Aubusson tapestries is meticulously crafted by hand and remains un-lined, in order to show off the finery of the workmanship. They are produced with a rod pocket for hanging. Many of these traditional tapestries have historical significance and are reproductions of museum pieces giving an owner a piece of history in their home.

From Europe with love! Tapestries, Ltd. continues to offer a complete line of tapestries, which include European Jacquard-woven and Hand-woven Aubusson. The European tapestries are woven on jacquard looms in Belgium and France, the home of centuries old tapestry weaving. As a result, they boast lush texture, unsurpassed purity, depth, and wide range of color, a tight weave, and extraordinary detail. These woven pieces are finished with a lining and rod pocket for hanging. A fabulous brush with history for the well-traveled home.

Elegance is about creating spaces that are comfortable and intimate, classic and clean...about mixing the best of the old with the best of the new.