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Feast your eyes on our finials! Each finial is delicately hand painted in a variety of finishes that complement the tapestries and features a threaded screw for easy fastening. The finials, custom cut rod and brackets are available as a set when purchased to accompany a tapestry. When the finials, custom cut rod and brackets set is purchased, you receive everything you need to hang our tapestries.

Please order your finials and rod at the same time as your tapestries. The tapestries' widths vary slightly due to the woven nature of fabrics, therefore, we custom cut each rod to fit a particular tapestry. The custom cut rod cannot be ordered later. Your tapestry will come with a rod pocket if you order the rod and finial set. If you choose not to order finials with your tapestries, each tapestry will have hooks sewn on the back for hanging, in addition to a rod pocket.